How To Build Business Relationships

A key factor to building a successful business is building business relationships.  It’s important to understand that there’s strength in numbers.  The more people you have on your side the better.

One of the areas I focus on with my clients is networking and how important it is.  Most tend to think of networking events as a way to sell their products and services but that’s just not true.

You are there to build business relationships.

Since this thought might be new to you I’m going to share some business building tips to help you get on the right track.


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* Give Freely –

Before ever asking anyone you meet for a favor, always do things for them first. Freely give of yourself to people and they will remember you. If you’ve done a good job letting them know what you offer, they’ll come to you when they’re ready.

* Stay Professional –

It’s especially important to remember that social media is part of the way you communicate professionally today. You need to keep the things you share business-like, avoiding personal oversharing or inappropriate sharing.

* Practice Your Elevator Speech –

Some people object to calling it that, but it’s just a way to say that you should be prepared with a short way of introducing yourself, your business, and what you do for people. Be sure to frame it with the benefits for the client instead of making it all about you.

* Be Honest and Ethical –

It can be a dog-eat-dog world out there, and you’ll have to compete with a lot of unethical people. But, keep your own morals and don’t cross those legal and ethical boundaries just to get business. Want more marketing tips?

There you have it.  Some quick and easy tips to follow.

Be Savvy and Successful!

Toni Nelson – Marketing and Branding Entraineur, Award winning Photographer and Videographer