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How Any Small Business Can Quickly and Easily Create Branded Marketing Pieces

Do you find it hard to have all the proper business tools you need?

Are you feeling overwhelmed because it's hard to figure out how to design your marketing pieces? 

Have you ever thought there has to be an easier way?

If you don't discover how to stand out and claim your online space, then your prospects will go elsewhere

You probably didn't have a problem starting a business.  Chances are you don't lack passion.  But what you do lack is the right set of marketing tools.  These tools can help you save hours if not weeks trying to figure things out.

What you need is a way to quickly and easily build the know like and trust factor with your ideal audience.

Hello, I'm Toni Nelson - Business Building Expert, Email Marketing and Copywriting Certified, Author,

When I started my first business, I had the drive, passion, and ambition needed to succeed.  What I didn't have were the right marketing tools.  I had to find and research everything from scratch.

I started writing down the step by step process I needed to connect with my ideal customers. I knew my message had to be consistent to build my brand. Once I had that system in place, it made my marketing efforts faster and easier.  I was able to start bringing in more leads and more money. 

You need to build a business that people will relate to.   A "brand" they want to do business with. 

Whether you realize it or not you are creating a "brand" people will want to do business with. 


What is the key to creating a consistent brand?

  • Create a consistent look
  • Communicate a consistent voice in all of your communications
  • Embrace a consistent message across all your marketing channels.

Build A Solid Business Foundation

How do you build the proper foundation that enables you to have your message, story, and statement told to the world and be one of consistency?


5 Professionally Designed Business Building Template Sets

You will receive 5 different template sets with 7 templates included in each set to use to help you brand and market your content.  Each set includes templates for a report/ebook, how to article, tips list, checklist, worksheet, slideshow and blank template.

That's a total of 35 templates plus the undesigned originals. That means you can use whatever colors you choose with these raw files.

Let's talk about the details....

How To Article Templates

I've done all the work for you, all you need to do is follow the prompts for creating your how-to articles.  Choose from these 5 eye-catching templates. 

Top List Template

These 5 list templates will help you write your list content such as; Top 10 ways to (fill in the blank),  Top 10 reasons to (fill in the blank), in no time flat.  You will receive 5 different designs to choose from which means all you have to focus on is the content.

Checklist Templates

Checklists are super popular.  Use the checklist templates to give your ideal audience the details they need, so they don't miss anything you want to share with them.  There's no limit to the types of checklists you can create.

Worksheet Templates 

Having worksheets to hand out with your products, at webinars, to teach your customers something of value will help them connect with you in a much better way.  It's broken up into different parts to make it easy to follow.  Choose from 5 different templates.

SlideShow Templates

You can use the slideshow templates to create a course, webinar, instructional video.  Choose from 5 different templates to help you brand your presentation.

Raw Content Templates

You will also receive all the templates in a raw unformatted version so that you can use your colors and creativity.

As you can see I've done all the work for you with these templates. These invaluable tools will help you with all aspects of branding your content so you can build your business.

These are the exact business building templates I wish I had when I first started my business.

By now you are wondering about the cost.

Of course, you could expect to pay $97 for all these done for you templates and it would be well worth it.  But I'm on a mission to help you get started right away.

That's why I'm offering all the worksheet templates, checklist templates, ebook templates, list templates and more at an introductory price of $77

Just think of the hours you'll save with these done for you marketing templates. 

This is one of the best ways to give your business and brand the proper foundation to succeed.

After you make your purchase, you will be sent login details.

Once logged into the member's area you will be able to download all your templates.

It's that easy!

Act now, and you can start using the templates right away to build a brand that redefines everything!

This price won't be available for much longer!

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