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How to Make Your Website A Lead Generating Machine!

greig1Hello, I'm Toni Nelson - Marketing Branding, Business Success Coach, Award winning Photographer, Videographer, Writer, Author

Do you want to be able to build your client base, but something is stopping you?

Have you ever felt like you have a great website, you want to succeed with it but somethings not working?

Sure, you get traffic to your site but that's about it.

I'll never forget this young women who came up to my booth at a women's networking event.

She was super excited that her website (where she sold beautiful jewelry) was getting a lot of traffic.

When I asked her if her website was set up to be a lead generating machine she just looked at me.  Then she asked, "What does that mean?"

You see, she had website but wasn't capturing peoples names and emails.

Why is list building so important?

glossy_green_button_arrow_right_400_clr_35111) Builds a rapport with your potential customers

2) Establishes you as the expert

3) It's a free marketing tool to grow brand awareness

4) Helps you secure joint ventures

5) Can be a financial security blanket

When I started my first business Google and YouTube didn't exist.   The main way I grew my clientele was by going to networking events and direct marketing.

As technology changed and evolved I began to realize how important it was to build my list so I could reach out to my ideal customers on a regular basis.

Building that foundation of creating business relationships is the basis to everything else you will do.

Today every business owner has the ability to build their list and connect with their potential customers.

The problem is that most people don't know where to start much less what they need to get started.

Instead of hoping you attract your ideal customers you will now have an exact blueprint you can follow.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do and how to do it in order to communicate your message effectively to the people who need what you have.

Just think about turning your website into a lead generating machine!

Build List_Not Free

Here's what you will discover in this video course:

Module 1:   10 Reasons you need an email list

Module 2:   10 Steps for setting up your list

Module 3:   10 Ways to identify your audience

Module 4:   10 Ideas for your free gift

Module 5:   10 Tips for creating a high converting squeeze page

Module 6:   10 Places to find traffic to build your list

Module 7:   10 Ideas for followup emails

Module 8:   10 Ideas for monetizing your list

Module 9:   10 Email marketing analytics to watch

Module 10:  10 Reasons your list isn't responding

Each video is broken up into bite size increments so you can learn and apply these strategies.  Total training approximately 1 hour 40 minutes

Badge_Bonus_Toni Nelson


This workbook becomes your blueprint to building your email list.

The 14 pages include:

  • Email Content Plan Worksheet
  • Target Marketing Profile Worksheet
  • Free Opt-in Offer Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Squeeze Page Copy Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Find Your Target Market - Traffic Sources Worksheet

Video Presentation:

I want to make sure you have everything you need to build your list and build your tribe!

That's why I'm including my video presentation 21 Ideas To Grow Your List Fast (approximately 25 minutes) that will help you get on the fast track to list building.

Combined this training is over 2 hours.

This information is all available in the basic Build A List Build A Tribe Video Course for the investment of just $37.

But wait..

Do you want to be totally equipped to take your list building to the next level?

Then the Build A List Build A Tribe Advance Level is for you.

In this level you receive everything that's stated above plus:

Opt-in page copy: If you’re relying on an opt-in box on the sidebar of your website, you’re missing out on a lot of subscribers. Having a dedicated page to promote your opt-in offer is critical for boosting your conversion rates.

We’re calling this an “opt-in page”, but it’s a landing page that goes by other names like “squeeze page” or “lead capture page.” No matter what you call it, it should be part of your
marketing strategy. This template shows the important elements to include in your opt-in page to increase your opt-ins.

Opt-in video script: Video is known to dramatically boost opt-in conversions. A short video, showing your face to get your visitor excited about your free offer can go a long way to securing new subscribers and creating a stronger bond with your subscriber from the outset. We’ve included a simple script to help you come up with quick and compelling video script sure to bring more subscribers to your list.

Thank you page copy: A key component of the opt-in process, your thank you page sets the tone for your new relationship with your subscriber. It’s also a great place to turn that new subscriber into a customer and this copy template helps you do that.

Thank you email: Once your subscriber opts in, you want them to check their email and look forward to receiving your messages. Welcome them to your list and include a reminder about your offer with this template.

Report template: Don’t just offer a subscription to a newsletter, sweeten the deal with a targeted free offer like a report. Choose a problem your target customer has and help them start solving that problem with your report and then entice them to buy your product. The template is an invaluable resource designed to help you turn more subscribers into customers.

Swipe Files: Just imagine having fill in the blank headlines, power words and phrases, call to action phrases, transition phrases, post script and closing script phrases.  These swipe files are invaluable!

Content that converts checklist. Once you've created your content you want to make sure it converts!

Now you too can have the tools you need right at your finger tips for building a list and building a tribe!

The decision is yours.

You can keep doing what you've been doing or take action and learn how to build your list and build your tribe plus have fill in the blank templates in the advanced level for $47

Choose your level below!

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