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How To Create A Client Attracting Newsletter



Hello I'm Toni Nelson - Marketing, Branding, Building Business Authority Expert, Award winning Photographer, Videographer, Writer and Author,

Are you finding it hard creating a client attracting newsletter?  One that gives your subscribers a reason to look forward to your email?

Perhaps you are frustrated because you don't know where to start.

You know it's a great way to communicate and build the know, like and trust factor so it's more important than ever to get it right from the beginning.

The bottom line is....

If you don't communicate effectively with your subscribers, then someone else will                                                                  

That means you are losing the potential to connect in a more personalized way with your subscribers.

What many people do is start trying to sell their products, other people's products or a combination of the two.  Anything just so they can send out an email.  None of that works and you know why?

People don't want to be sold to.

They don't want to feel like all they are is a dollar sign.

They don't want to feel like you aren't delivering on your initial promise to help them solve their problem.

The purpose of your regular newsletter is to provide outstanding value to your subscribers.

When I first started my business I knew that at the core of my success was the connections I would make.  The most important thing for me was to value these people and provide the information they needed to get from being overwhelmed, to being able to set up systems in their business that would move them towards success.

The funny thing is, I was writing newsletters long before they were popular.  It's what helped me build a business that was unlike my competitors.  Value was and is my middle name.

Before you knew it people were asking me how they could reach out to their customers or clients effectively.

Now you can learn the secrets to creating a client attracting newsletter that gets read and even shared!

When you get your hands on this newsletter planner you will be providing your subscribers with:

1) Valuable information they can consume on the go.

2) They won't have to remember to visit your blog, won't worry about missing any status updates on Facebook.

3) They won't even have to worry about missing out on the great sales you will be having.

4) They won't have to search the web because you are delivering them what they need directly to their inbox.

This planner will walk you through the steps of:

shield_check_mark_400_clr_8847Understanding who your newsletter is for

Why people will sign up for your newsletter

Creating the know, like and trust factor

Creating a mailing schedule

Content planning and your promotional calendar

Content planning and your editorial calendar

Deciding on what to include in your newsletter

Setting up your newsletter for the first time

Your weekly newsletter plan

Where to find ideas

Keeping your commitment

This guide comes complete with worksheets so you have a step by step fill in the blank system. It couldn't be any easier than that!

Finally you can take back your time and crack the newsletter code with this planner.

But wait...

Just imagine not only having this step by step planner to guide you through the system of creating your newsletter faster but also these amazing bonuses!

Badge_Bonus_Toni Nelson

Bonus 1

You need to plan out your promotions for the month.  This will help you plan your content to support it.

That's why I've included the:

Fill in the blank Monthly Promotional Calendar pdf.  Print 12 copies of the calendar and put them in your marketing binder.

Bonus 2

Your newsletter and all the content you produce has a job to do.

That's why I've included:

A fill in the blank Weekly Editorial Calendar. Print out multiple copies of this pdf so that every week you know exactly what to do.

Bonus 3

You begin with the best intentions for your newsletter but after a few weeks you struggle with ideas.

That's why I've included:

A fill in the blank newsletter idea journal worksheet.

Write down your ideas, subjects, inspirations and notes.  Print out multiple copies.

This planner with bonuses contains a total of 37 jam packed pages.

The best part?

All of this can be yours for the investment of just $37!

Just think in a matter of minutes you could be on your way to creating your own client attracting newsletter.

You have a choice to make

Do you want to keep trying to do this on your own or would you like to have this planner that not only guides your through the process but gives you worksheets, calendars and a journal worksheet?

Don't waste another minute.  Get your client attracting newsletter done!

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