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Join The Audio Revolution and Discover How  To Gain More Visibility and Credibility

greig1Hello I'm Toni Nelson - Marketing, Branding, Business Success Optimizer, Award winning Photographer, Videographer, Writer and Author,

Are you looking for away to gain more credibility in your business? 

Would you like to be seen as an influencer?  One people look to for help and advice?

There's no doubt about, you need to have your online voice heard.

What if there was a way to leverage your voice and make it available 24/7?

Just think, even while you sleep people are hearing your message.

Today you are at the right page and at the right time because the audio revolution is huge!

What is the audio revolution I'm talking about?  It's podcasting.

Podcasting brings back convenience. How? It's information on the go!

In the age of social media, smart phones and tablets, there's never been a better time to let your content go viral.

Plus, the number of consumers who say they've heard an audio podcast is a whopping 163% since 2006!

What this means for you is that you have discovered a powerful and highly effective way to reach your customers and it's based on the delivery of your expertise and making it a true win-win!

Now you can do it quickly and easily with Say It Loud! Podcast Like Pro program designed to get you up and running in no time!

In this video course I've covered all the bases!

Module 1: What is Podcasting - You'll learn what it's all about, what makes it so different and why so many people have profited from this potent marketing tactic.

Module 2: Topics For Your Podcast - It's easier than you think to find things to talk about that your target audience will fall in love with!

Module 3: Branding - In this module we'll discuses ways to brand your podcast to stand out from the competition. Find out how to brand your business with your podcast artwork.

Module 4: Naming your podcast - What's in a name? Everything! Name your podcast correctly and you will capture the attention of more listeners.

Module 5: Preparing Your Podcast - Preparation is key and you will learn just how fast and easy it really is!

Module 6: Getting Set Up - I'll unravel the setup mysteries and tell you step by step how to get started.

Module 7: Marketing Your Podcast - This is huge. The more ears you have listening the more potential customers you will gain. Watch, learn and profit!

Module 8: Maximizing The Benefits Of Your Podcast - You will gain a better understanding of what makes podcasting your information so powerful and beneficial to your listeners.

Module 9: How to Monetize Your Podcast - This module will pay for the course many times over.

Module 10: The Art of Re-Purposing- Think you don't have enough content for a podcast? I'll share with you a huge tip on how to use what's right in front of you!

Module 11: The Do's and Don'ts Of Podcasting - In this module I will show you what mistakes to avoid, saving you a lot of time and heartache.

Module 12: Preparing to interview your guests - Learn the skills needed to conduct interviews.

Module 13: Preparing to be the interviewee - Get this right and you will have other podcasters asking you to be on their show! That means more online exposure.

Badge_Bonus_Toni Nelson

You'll also receive these incredible bonus gifts!

#1 Two week calendar planner. Get off to the right start by following the suggestions in this planner.

#2 Podcast like a pro worksheet

#3 Creating your first podcast checklist

#4 Recommended podcast equipment

#5 Instructions on how to submit to iTunes

#6 Places to submit your podcast

#7 Planning brainstorming worksheet

#8 Interviewing brainstorming worksheet/checklist

#9 Interview preparation worksheet

#10 Preparing your personal bio worksheet for being a guest on another show.

The introductory price is: $97!

This is one of the best ways to have your online voice heard
Locally, Globally, 24/7 By Your Ideal Customers!

Sign up today and I'll see you on the inside!

P.S. Here's what one student had to say: "If you are ready to rock it out with Podcasting and take it as far and as BB as you want, don't miss ouT on the BRILLIANCE of Toni Nelson!  With everything she's offering along with a TON of downloadable worksheets, this investment is a No-Brainer!  She just flat-out knows what she's talking about for amazing podcasting success!" Jason Oman - TV Success Story and #1 Best Selling author of Conversations With Millionaires. www.JasonOman.com

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