Start A Business In A Weekend

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How Anyone Can Start A Business In A Weekend and Gain Financial Freedom

Are you tired of your mind-numbing 9-to-5 job?

Would you like to learn how to build your own business instead of someone else's?

Do you want to start a business but you don't where or how?

Are you feeling powerless or unfulfilled in your current job?

The key to starting and succeeding in business is knowing how not to fail

Hello, I'm Toni Nelson, a mom who took a bottle of Fantastic and a vacuum cleaner and cleaned my way to a six-figure business.  Since that time my accomplishments include: author, business startup consultant, email marketing and copywriting certified, award-winning photographer and videographer,

When I started my first business Google and YouTube didn't exist. Every time I turned around I was told that because I didn't have a college education and was a woman I couldn't start a business.

As a matter of fact, even my friends told me I couldn't do it.

The only person who believed in me was my husband.

Everything I learned was while I was in the trenches.

Learning from being in the trenches was better for me than learning from any book or course because what I need it wasn't readily available.

Vividly I remember thinking if I was ever in a position to help someone start and grow their own business that would be my mission.

Six months after starting my business those same people who told me I couldn't do it were seeking me out for help so they could start their business.

Since that time I have helped a number of people start successful businesses.

What does it take to start a successful business?

You flip the switch

Instead of being negative you think positive.

Instead of thinking broke you think rich.

Instead of blaming others for your lack of success you take a good look at yourself and take personal responsibility.

If you haven't started a business it's not your fault.

With so much information available it is difficult to know who to trust and who to learn from.

It's easy to say "start a business."  It' another thing to actually follow through.

For example, what's the right busy model for you and the lifestyle you want to live?

That's why you need someone who has been there and done that.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Work on your business idea and find out if it is a viable one
  • Dig down deep into your ideal target audience who needs what you have to sell
  • Work at your own pace in the comfort of your home
  • Save time, money and effort not worrying about all the fluff
  • Finally, start the business and lifestyle of your dreams
  • Work on your personalized business blueprint
  • Watch actionable videos that lead you to your ultimate goal, starting a business

Would you be ready to dig in to get what you want in life and business?


Savvy and Successful Start a Business In a weekend

Here are just a few testimonials from people I have helped with their business.

Here's How The Course Is Structured

In this video course, I take you virtually by the hand and cover the following topics:

Module 1:

How to brainstorm ideas for your business.  In this module, we brainstorm your business idea.

Module 2:

Knowing your target audience.  In this module, we define who your ideal customer/client is so you can create the right marketing messages.

Module 3:

The cost of doing business.  In order to run a successful business, you need to know your numbers.

Module 4:

Your business plan.  If you don't create a plan you are planning to fail.

Module 5:

Naming your business.  Your business name is part of your brand identity. Careful thought of this process is needed.

Module 6:

Setting up your business.  Every business needs the right processes in place.  Find out what they are.

Module 7:

How to brand your business.  You'll have a clearer understanding of how to grow your brand so it's in demand.

Module 8: 

How to advertise your business for free or low cost.  Low on funds to market your business? This module is perfect for giving you a number of strategies you can use right away.

Module 9:

Networking for your business.  Discover the do's and dont's of marketing.

Module 10:

Make a great first impression. Make sure you present yourself properly so people are drawn to work with you.

Module 11:

Home office versus renting office space.  We discuss the pros and cons of a home office vs renting space.

Module 12:

Using social media for your business.  Here's how to make your presence known in the business world.

But wait there's more…

Bonus Videos

Bonus 1:

The affiliate marketing business model

Bonus 2:

Coaching business model

Bonus 3:

Micro gig business model

Bonus 4:

Auction site business model

Bonus 5:

Coupon website business model

Download Bonuses 

Bonus 6

This video course comes with a downloadable pdf workbook enabling you to easily implement what you are learning. This work becomes a blueprint for your business.

Bonus 7

23 Page Target audience pdf workbook. This will help you get hyper-focused o who your ideal customer/client is.

This video course has approximately 2.75 hours of no fluff training.

Additional Business Video Training

My goal is to make sure that you are totally prepared to start and grow your business.

That's why I'm including an additional 22 video trainings on the following topics:

Video 1: It starts with an idea

Video 2: Start a business that's right for you

Video 3: What need does your business fill

Video 4: Who is your target market

Video 5: How large is your market

Video 6: Where is your business revenue coming from

Video 7:  Wow-worthy profiles

Video 8: Startup budget

Video 9: Multiple streams of income

Video 10: Getting the word out about your business

Video 11: Creating your business plan of action

Video 12: Do you have a break-even business plan

Video 13: Seven paths to extraordinary business growth

Video 14: Five tips for online business success

Video 15: Five must-have webpages

Video 16: Three ways to make better decisions

Video 17: How to position yourself as a thought leader

Video 18: How to speak so customers feel understood

Video 19: Customer service strategies

Video 20: Create targeted promotional material

Video 21: Nine reasons business relationships are important

Video 22: Color and your website

This is over an hour's worth of additional training.


A Key component I have seen left out in many business courses has to do with keeping track of your money.

In less than 60 minutes, this video course gives you a simple path to track your business spending, track your business income and give you a report to see EXACTLY what your business is doing.  All with the help of the Computer Software program Quicken Home and Business. (You must purchase the software separately.)

This means that you’ll know EXACTLY what to do in your business based on your financial position.

In this video training, you will discover.

  • Using and Navigating Quicken
  • Working with Cash on Hand
  • Setting Up for Paypal
  • Categorizing Transactions
  • Part Business/Part Personal Transactions
  • Tracking Cash Purchases
  • Monitoring Cash Position
  • Tracking Mileage
  • Securing Your Data
  • Working with PayPal for Business
  • Understanding Financial Statements and more

There are 20 videos that show you how to utilize Quicken for your business.

As you can see I've got you covered with starting and setting up your business for success.

This is the course I wish I had when I started my first business. It would have saved me a lot of time, effort and money.

The best part of this video course is that you can go at your own pace.  That means if you want to finish the training over the weekend you can.

Just think in a matter of minutes you can gain access to almost 5 hours of training on how to start your business.

You can do this and I believe in you!

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The people who are successful in business find ways to make things happen.

My advice is to purchase the course and start watching the videos and implement these strategies. Do whatever it takes. It will be worth it!

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