The Art Of Networking

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Now You Can Network With The Movers And Shakers, Build A Circle Of Influence And Be The Go-To Person At Events, Meetings, and Seminars!

Are you frustrated by your networking efforts?  

Do you think you are doing everything right and yet nothing's happening?

Do you feel like a wallflower at events where you know it's important to mingle?

Do you wish you knew what to say and how to say it "around the water cooler"?

people talking around water cooler

Then you've come to the right place because you are going to learn how to be a power networker!

Hello, I'm Toni Nelson - Marketing and Branding Expert, Author, Business Success Coach,

When I started my first business it was before Google and YouTube existed.

I found networking to be the hardest part of running my business.

That's because I was told to go about networking the wrong way.

You see I was told your main goal at a networking event was to put your business card into as many hands as you could. The next thing I was told to do was to get business cards from others so that when I left the event I did so with a large stack.

The problem was two-fold.

I didn't feel comfortable doing that.

Second I had no idea what to do with those business cards when I got home!

That's all changed because I've found out what it means to be a power networker and now I absolutely love going to events and meeting new people.

It doesn't matter where you are in your business. You need to know what networking is and how you can become a superstar at it.

When you know the proper steps to take as you network you will find it gets easier and easier.

Let's face it, in this day and age when you are not networking it's like having a closed sign on your business.


When I learned what networking was all about ( building business relationships) everything changed.  

I started writing down the step by step process so that I could share it with you!


The Art of Networking

Here's what you will discover:

Module 1:   What is Networking - In this module I'll show you what networking is and isn't so you can hit the ground running and get in the right mood to make networking a solid part of your business model.

Module 2:   The Key to Successful Networking - Here we'll explore all the ways you should be networking so you can thrive, build business relationships and gain a competitive edge.

Module 3:   Evaluate Your Networking Skills - How good a networker are you right now and what areas need improvement?  We'll find out in this module.

Module 4:   Learn To Craft Your Unique Story - Your story is what makes you unique and everybody has one.  I'll show you how to make yours as compelling as possible.

Module 5:   Identify Who Your Target Audience Is - Knowing who to approach is critical when it comes to being a great networker.  In this module you'll discover the in's and out's of what makes your target audience tick.

Module 6:   Learn What To Say and How To Say It - Saying the right things at the right times when networking can make all the difference between success and failure.  You'll learn exactly how the pros do it!

Module 7:   Learn The Art of The Follow Up - Following up is so important, and yet most people sit with a pile of untouched business cards when they get home from a networking event.  I'll show you how to master the art of the follow-up.

Module 8:   Create Your Game Plan - If you fail to plan you plan to fail, so let's get your plan going and start following it from day one!  I'll show you how to do it.

Module 9:   Measure Your Networking Efforts - Testing and tracking your networking is key to continuous improvement.  I'll show you how to do this quickly and easily, so it becomes a great system for ongoing success.

Module 10:  Keep A Positive Mindset - You'll always do better as a networker when you are positive, motivated and even inspired!  Your good mood is contagious, and people will seek you out.  I'll give you some great positivity pointers you can use for ongoing success.


Videos Tips On:

1) Your social media profile

2) How to use your smartphone for networking

3) Networking Etiquette 101

4) Mastering Body Language In Networking

But Wait...There's More!

I've included a huge 18-page workbook you can use to create your own personalized networking blueprint!

As you can see I've left no stone unturned where networking is involved.  It's too important to leave anything to chance.  The more prepared and knowledgeable you are the better you'll be at creating long lasting mutually beneficial business relationships. 

Just imagine what it would be like to go out of your way to attend networking events because they are not only fun but productive!

The choice is yours.  Keep doing what you've been doing to grow your business or discover how to use the art of networking to build a more profitable business.

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